A Chance To Think

A Chance To Think

Are there yes sides to this no?
Positives to gloomy undergoings
Constructive and/or optimistic?
Does an epidemic
Give us chance to think in old/new ways;
Finding stamina in older days
When lamps were lit by kerosene,
The sky showed stars un-intervened.

The earth still turned
But we were tuned to simpler chords;
Gasoline not on the scene, not yet a means.
Bicycles were slower, still you got there using
Legs and pedals.
Shopping was without credentials;

True, phenomena have cycles,
Progress unavoidable.
Dancing and romancing were, well,
Always there, play fundamental;
Kids not going blind screen frontal.
Polar bears had ice and fish,
Nourished by an undiminished mass;

Rhinos grew. Gorillas too.
Tusks remained on elephants,
And oil had not been discovered.
There was nothing to dismantle,
Diggings had no big machines that hovered,
Earth not being emptied clean.
Things took time.

Pandemics then. Have always been:
Famine and fertility.
Perhaps the globe has need to preen,
When f baser forces overwhelm:
Archives, sagas point that way.
But this is now – which one day
Will be ‘days of old’,
Untold events there to unfold
New lessons, with the few who understand
Extracting gold,
Fathoming that speed & comfort
Always lead to new discomfort.

In a nutshell:
Maybe it is good to wait:
Good to throw good deeds at fate.
Not belittle or equate
The freight and weight of ways gone by;
Underrate, eradicate the days gone by
To bring the good of what was ‘little’ up-to-date!

A Chance To Think 4.21.2020 Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Experience; Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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