To Be Read & Spread

It’s 4:40am wakened, wide awake . Therein, lie cycles all thei own – neither nocturnal nor diurnal but somewhere in the middle. And working on a level of acuteness, phrases, insights, images, I catch hold of one or the other and begin to write…
To Be Read & Spread

One wants one’s output
To be read & spread: remembered,
Often wondering why the need.
Reflection shows renown to be
It’s quality one wants to share,
The DNA determining
The factor in this factory.

It isn’t air, nor intellected-mind of self,
The body or the pelf.*
You’ve learned to know
It’s neither ego
Nor seeds sprouted by conditions,
But a passion to pass on to generations
What was high inside the low, the mediocre.

At long last you’ve found an answer.
One more sensibility
That makes most sense In some abstract and senseless way.
Unexplainable, you’ve tried,
Not knowing why,
This gift of instinct pushing daily.

We copulate to procreate.
The writer’s urge is surge enough:
A procreating in creating.
Whew, one’s coughed it up at last.
Laughed because
One’s found an answer in-the-rough.

To Be Read & Spread 4.28.2020 the Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

*pelf; money

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