The Princess & The Pea 2020

This was written in two minutes, two minutes ago, the bolt of lightening hitting as I was doing hand laundry.

The Princess & The Pea 2020

Since my operation, I mean amputation
I’ve become the princess & the pea:
A whole set of new formed, framed sensitivity,
Plus a set pf parts I cannot feel.
Forever reeling with the adaptation,
Realising all life is but adaptation –
And perhaps adoption of the new.

Bare feet and I feel every crumb.
Two knuckles barely touched
And I am numb,
No more the nimble fingered
I was used to from
The decades prior.

Poor princess! Now I know
Why she goes down in history,
Fairy tale no airy tale: reality.

Time will pass
And more will happen.
Whether it will be ‘Alas’
And I the captive,
Or a brand new happiness
I cannot prophecy.
But by and by
The pea may liquify
And dry, and I,
A princess only.

The Princess & The Pea 2020 4.30.2020 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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