Mother’s Day In Sweden

Mother’s Day In Sweden

Just a note and written on the spot:
Today is Mother’s Day in Sweden.
Therefore, consequently, thus and so,
On this occasion, for that reason
May I dedicate this day
To mothers near and faraway,
Young and old, unmarried, widowed,
Sick and healthy, poor and wealthy.

Filling Mother Earth through labor,
They, the grower and the arbour
Of the whole of humankind.

How to honour mothers
Through the warring failures of successors!

She who is the single vessel,
Seeds of blessing deep inside.
She, the bride of the Creator
Wheresoever That may be.

May the ones who’ve all had mothers;
Sons and daughters, sisters, brothers,
Honor mothers universal;
Nature’s highest principle
And bearers of us all.

Mother’s Day In Sweden 5.31.2020 Mother Book; Love Relationships II; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

How The Brain Works

How The Brain Works

It loves detail, first of all.
Generalities do not excite it.
Non-specifics, loose and vague
Give no delight,
Carry no weight,
It wants the truth.

If body’s trained, or has within it energy,
The tendency to move with speed,
The lovely brain transforms each need,
Breaks down each fact as act
To fit into its aim,
Which movement may or may not have a name;
Duty, task, procedure, chore
Undertaking taken for no more than fun.

Endearing brain loves to explore,
Take on itself the new untried.
It has a visionary side inside
That keeps it fresh and beautiful:
A purposeful conception, not by half,
A dutiful creation in itself.

Talents, gifts, its origin
Non-convention its beginnings.
Gem potential when you get it,
Plastic and experimental if you let it.
It holds to the good lifelong,
Yet treated wrongly values wrong.
Born to serve each one on earth
It is the gain of endless worth.

Amused, confused oh, reader dear?
Come near to this cerebral matter,
Leave the life of nattering,
Live to see what really matters.
It’s all there in the brain.

There are things I did not cover,
Could not cover: will; willpower;
Brain likes detail,
Is not concerned with big and small.
What is and is not trivial,
Import all the same.
Detached neutrality its other name.

How The Brain Works 5.30.2020 Definitely Didactic II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

Words To Loathe: -Isam, Dogma

Words To Loathe: -Ism, Dogma

Time and again I wrote of -ism.
(Criticism, witticism doesn’t count)
Coming at the ends of words
-Ism turns to hardened turds,
To be followed by the herds
Who seldom understand a thing
In its entirety.

-Ism makes a word into its specialty.
Takes a system or philosophy
And breaks it down to dogma’s ideology.
There’s always something wrong with dogma.

Dogma says “i’m right, you’re wrong.”
A hackneyed song.
Dogma takes opinion,
Makes it fact, actively
Turning people into minions,
Underlings and servile
To the prominent, the dominant and vile,
Screaming all the while,
Each gosh darned night
“You’re wrong, we’re right!”

Guidance to the prudent:
Don’t become a rodent.
You are you with views original,
Authentic, actual, primordial.
Conventional or not, they are,
And you, an individual –
Undivided and your own.
There is no need to ban or loan,
Prohibit others or exclude.
It’s downright rude, crude,
Not to say, misleading and deluding.

Words to shy away from, fly from:
Words omitting possibility,
Emitting sheer hostility, dishonour and discredit…
Words that say,”We’ve got the secret.”
All those words that separate
The small from great.
Who is to say what’s small, what’s great?
That’s it, the last and little bit!🙋‍♀️

Words To Loathe: -Ism, Dogma 5.21.2020 Words To Love; Arlene Nover Corwi:

Underlying Worry

Underlying Worry
(Words To Examine)

Underlie along with worry:
What can they be?
Let us see.

Fundamental, principal and elemental
Latent, unexpressed,
Shrouded and repressed:
Underlying’s yin and yang.

Worry has unease innate.
Something fears a something at a future date.
Worry has anxiety and fret;
Sorrow, sighing, tears or crying.
Is the underlying worry dying?
Possibly, but certainly not always.

Do we worry out of habit?
Paralysed like rabbits before lights?
Do we run like mindless lunatics,
Doing, seeking, switching from pursuit
To task, to hobbies and diversion:
All to dodge the question:
If and what!
One giant matter.

Worry speculates about an unknown
Always and away. It gnaws.
It steals the present, it ignores
The precious moment
And it gives no answer, just dark chaos.

A solution? The solution?
Mind and body in-the-minute.
There is nothing more within
But sticking to, observing all,
Reducing big things to their smallest:
The phenomenon of this, the instant:
Now and every now that follows;
That, the how of this and each and all tomorrows.

Underlying Worry 5.28.2020 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin


Just One More Anomaly

When I started this I wasn’t sure where I was going.  then I understood.

Just One More Anomaly*

Memory, how is it working?
Reconstructing what it will,
No matter how one wills it.
Using tricks or keeping still,
It goes downhill sulking, lurking,
Modifying all the while.

Date, event – assumed, imagined;
Recipe for roasted chicken, how and what the vitamin,
Where one laid the just used pen;
Truths about what might have been:
One is not amused or gladdened!

One reads histamine boosts memory.
Where to start: ear, nose or eye?
The husband tells a story,
But the story and the history refashion
Into joke or smoke, or expectation.
An honest man, he reconstructs time’s long bygone.
What and is there a solution?

How to boost the falsifying, garbled brain,
Train away the stigma and enigma?
Food: The marvel is the good it does, in spite
Of junk consumed both day and night,
Those lovely cells of memory;
Losing neurons constantly.

Interests, hobbies:
Training. learning, instrument…
Any bent, life but experiment;
Each callisthenic ‘heaven sent’.

A poem one way to speak,
Renewing bits new and archaic;
One in which a syllable will stick,
Inspired to get a kick out of the rhythmic lyric
Born in life.

Just One More Anomaly 5.29.2020 (formerly Another Autobiographical Anomaly 2.11.2019/Recomposed 5.29.2020) Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

*Anomaly: oddity, peculiarity, abnormality, irregularity, inconsistency, incongruity, deviation, aberration, quirk, freak, exception, departure, divergence, variation; rarity, eccentricity.

Words To Love

Words To Love

Whadda charmer!
Hard to define,
Its overall design
A simple and complexity
Of layers in its

A subtle panorama, psychodrama;
The eternal of the kernel
And the kernel of the daily.
Many definitions, both internal and external.
One who ’s told and listens deeply,
Catches hold.

One, two, three:
Cause, effect and destiny.
Four and five:
Work and motive.
Good intentions lead to good,
Bad deeds lead to bad.
What you do in moments
Is a fragment of the morrow
And a judgement of the future.

Karma is the deed, the work, the action.
It’s both principle and law.
It says actions make a difference,
Every feature of significance
With outcomes and reverberation.
Karma is a chain.

Words To Love 5.18.2020 Words To Love; To The Child Mystic II; The Processes; Creative; Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Ideas Are In Your Head

I was thinking about all the misinformation that we walk around with in our heads, taking it as truth. Ideas are in your head.
I’m sure I wrote this phrase somewhere before, but I’ve no idea where, in what form or what and how I said it. So I’ll start again.

Ideas Are In Your Head

Ideas are in your head.
Where else?
You think your thoughts,
Which thoughts are ultimately forced,
A force produced for you alone:
Your tendencies, your latencies
Your genes, your DNA – in short,
Your very own creations,
The perception never what you think.

Objectivity? No matter how we try,
Improbable, implausible because of “I”.
No matter what the truth,
No matter what the source:
Encyclopaedic, Wikiped…
Accepted to the -enth degree;
It does’t matter.
You, interpreter of all that courses
Concentratedly or scattered.

What is idea, after all?
Purpose; porous* understanding;
Wish, belief, a supposition;
Mental picture, theory,
Feeling, fancy…

Any drive that drives you
Forms within your head.
Recognise this fact instead of
Taking what you think as sacred.
You’ll become more undiminished, interested
And open-minded. Guaranteed!

Ideas Are In Your Head 5.4.2020 The Processes: Creative;Thinking; Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*porous; poetic licence

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