Beauty’s Tide

This is the kind of spontaneous nonsensical thought that shows up out of nowhere.

Beauty’s Tide

I watch a certain TV lady;
See her daily.
She has reached the peak of beauty,
She doesn’t know it.
Doesn’t know because
She doesn’t know its opposite –
Not yet.

Still there are signs to spot:
The thinning hairline;
Traces under eyes when she’s been working hard;
No sign of crepe-y neck. Not yet.
No jowl-y chin, skin smooth and tight;
No boobies falling;
Waist still small.
One of a certain age can tell.

The menopause that takes no pause –
Facing just the right decade,
Beauty’s manifested light will fade,
But she, her gifts
Will probably not choose facelifts
Or any kind of lift at all.
Her mind will shine – charisma too.
She will reach out to the ones who view
Until she decides – not to.
Beauty’s Tide 5.3.2020 Circling Round Experience; Circling Round The Ego; Circling Round Vanity II; Circling Round Woman; Arlene Nover Corwin

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