Ideas Are In Your Head

I was thinking about all the misinformation that we walk around with in our heads, taking it as truth. ideas are in your head.
I’m sure I wrote this phrase somewhere before, but I’ve no idea where, in what form or what and how I said it. So I’ll start again.

Ideas Are In Your Head

Ideas are in your head.
Where else?
You think your thoughts,
Which thoughts are ultimately forced,
A force produced for you alone:
Your tendencies, your latencies
Your genes, your DNA – in short,
Your very own creations,
The perception never what you think.

Objectivity? No matter how we try,
Improbable, implausible because of “I”.
No matter what the truth,
No matter what the source:
Encyclopaedic, Wikiped…
Accepted to the -enth degree;
It does’t matter.
You, interpreter of all that courses
Concentratedly or scattered.

What is idea, after all?
Purpose; porous* understanding;
Wish, belief, a supposition;
Mental picture, theory,
Feeling, fancy…

Any drive that drives you
Forms within your head.
Recognise this fact instead of
Taking what you think as sacred.
You’ll become more undiminished, interested
And open-minded. Guaranteed!

Ideas Are In Your Head 5.4.2020 The Processes: Creative;Thinking; Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*porous; poetic licence

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