Happy Birthday, Albert Cat

Happy Birthday, Albert Cat🎂🐱

How to resist a birthday shout?
You don’t insist, don’t say a word.
Of course you don’t. You don’t know how.
You have a squeaky, soft meow,
Which voice is happily content just heard.

“Good boy!” we say, both of us stirred,
Stroking, patting furry ears;
Our orange, handy, leonine,
Fine and dandy graceful feline,
Unpredictable: ten years.
We’ve sung to him ten times at least,
Our little beast rubbing against us
In reply.
Little Albert, funny guy!

We’ve loved these years.
We love him with us –
Scratching chairs or on our thighs,
Giving signals with sweet cries,
Body language crystal clear
To show a sudden hunger.

Swedish, English;
Albert Cat is bi-linguistic.
Happy Birthday Albert Cat!🐱🍰💕
And grattis på din stora dag!*

*grattis på din stora dag; congratulations on your big day

Happy Birthday, Albert Cat 5.10.2020 Birthday Book; Cat Book; Arlene Nover Corwin

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