Useful Tips, Guides, Reminders

Useful Tips, Guides, Reminders

Does it matter if it’s anti- pro- or doesn’t matter
If there is a smattering of truth contained?
When you’ve got your blinders on,
Useful tips, guides, reminders
Lengthen and diffuse the stilted synapses,
Tap into sources and resources
Hitherto unknown, un-shone;
Matter scattered everywhere,
Omnipresent, Nature’s present
To ignore or bore into the smallest proton.

Does a smattering of matter matter?
Even though it takes no space,
Lodges in no special place,
Lives in every earthbound race
Plus universes one or plural?
To answers which both lure and pull,
Assure us all,
Tips and guides provide the rides.

Matter is astute –
(rather cute if you consider size).
Near or far, it doesn’t matter –
Matter is the tool and prize
To realize in one way or the other
Everything is source –
Of course.

Useful Tips, Guides, Reminders 5.19.2020 Revelations Big & Small; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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