Underlying Worry

Underlying Worry
(Words To Examine)

Underlie along with worry:
What can they be?
Let us see.

Fundamental, principal and elemental
Latent, unexpressed,
Shrouded and repressed:
Underlying’s yin and yang.

Worry has unease innate.
Something fears a something at a future date.
Worry has anxiety and fret;
Sorrow, sighing, tears or crying.
Is the underlying worry dying?
Possibly, but certainly not always.

Do we worry out of habit?
Paralysed like rabbits before lights?
Do we run like mindless lunatics,
Doing, seeking, switching from pursuit
To task, to hobbies and diversion:
All to dodge the question:
If and what!
One giant matter.

Worry speculates about an unknown
Always and away. It gnaws.
It steals the present, it ignores
The precious moment
And it gives no answer, just dark chaos.

A solution? The solution?
Mind and body in-the-minute.
There is nothing more within
But sticking to, observing all,
Reducing big things to their smallest:
The phenomenon of this, the instant:
Now and every now that follows;
That, the how of this and each and all tomorrows.

Underlying Worry 5.28.2020 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin


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