How The Brain Works

How The Brain Works

It loves detail, first of all.
Generalities do not excite it.
Non-specifics, loose and vague
Give no delight,
Carry no weight,
It wants the truth.

If body’s trained, or has within it energy,
The tendency to move with speed,
The lovely brain transforms each need,
Breaks down each fact as act
To fit into its aim,
Which movement may or may not have a name;
Duty, task, procedure, chore
Undertaking taken for no more than fun.

Endearing brain loves to explore,
Take on itself the new untried.
It has a visionary side inside
That keeps it fresh and beautiful:
A purposeful conception, not by half,
A dutiful creation in itself.

Talents, gifts, its origin
Non-convention its beginnings.
Gem potential when you get it,
Plastic and experimental if you let it.
It holds to the good lifelong,
Yet treated wrongly values wrong.
Born to serve each one on earth
It is the gain of endless worth.

Amused, confused oh, reader dear?
Come near to this cerebral matter,
Leave the life of nattering,
Live to see what really matters.
It’s all there in the brain.

There are things I did not cover,
Could not cover: will; willpower;
Brain likes detail,
Is not concerned with big and small.
What is and is not trivial,
Import all the same.
Detached neutrality its other name.

How The Brain Works 5.30.2020 Definitely Didactic II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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