Mother’s Day In Sweden

Mother’s Day In Sweden

Just a note and written on the spot:
Today is Mother’s Day in Sweden.
Therefore, consequently, thus and so,
On this occasion, for that reason
May I dedicate this day
To mothers near and faraway,
Young and old, unmarried, widowed,
Sick and healthy, poor and wealthy.

Filling Mother Earth through labor,
They, the grower and the arbour
Of the whole of humankind.

How to honour mothers
Through the warring failures of successors!

She who is the single vessel,
Seeds of blessing deep inside.
She, the bride of the Creator
Wheresoever That may be.

May the ones who’ve all had mothers;
Sons and daughters, sisters, brothers,
Honor mothers universal;
Nature’s highest principle
And bearers of us all.

Mother’s Day In Sweden 5.31.2020 Mother Book; Love Relationships II; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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