Letting Go

Letting Go

First of June,
Which he’ll recall many a moon.
He, jazz pianist, pensive, listener,
Chanced to hear a fellow player.
As can happen
A conveyer, lightening-like
Strikes home and he’s a freer man!
The improvisor
Comes out wiser.
Something in the sound’s approach,
It simplified but still cohesive,
Has adhered, become adhesive
And a coach.

“Listen here!”, and sitting down,
The chord an old but fresher sound;
Change but subtle
There is no need for a rebuttal.
He’s been transformed. It, simply so,
By listening to the radio!.

Was it the tune or was it he
On the brink of some new potency?
Gift from heaven, as they say?
Anyway, he’s found the sound by letting go.
With years ahead to work through to…we never know.

Yes, never know exactly how
The whole will play out.

Letting Go 6.1.2020 Vaguely About Music; Arlene Nover Corwin

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