360 Joints, 600 Muscles

I loved writing this.  It took three minutes (figuratively).

Three Hundred Sixty Joints, Six Hundred Muscles

Feel inspired:
You have muscles, joints.
Anointed by the highest forces.
You can run and walk,
Go for a jaunt,
Lift, push and pull…
Can sit completely still,
Your joints and muscles circulating,
Socializing in the company
Of body.

There is a trick.
If you are well – or sick
Locate the tiniest of movements, and
Take tiny steps within those moments:
Move! Test! Prove!
There is a guarantee: You will improve!
Every tiny movement prompted by
Your inner wish; roused and stimulated,
Motivated and impelled
To do your will.

Each joint a function and an unction.
Muscle/joint a juncture to another.
What a wonder!
Wonderful and wondrous
All these crossroads;
Never overloaded.
Seldom tired.
Feel inspired!

360 Joints, 600 Muscles 6.9.2020 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature; Arlene Nover Corwin

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