The Benefits Of…Having Been, Becoming, Being

This started personally, turned philosophical, then existential (or vice versa) but ended with the current pandemic!

The Benefits Of…Having Been, Becoming, Being
Once you have been comatose,
Been handicapped, come home and started life.
There is no pre-supposing.
It’s a door.
You pay attention so much more.
You notice other’s posture,
Belly, maturation, stature.
On yourself and on the other –
And say nothing.
Judgement gone
It’s but to carry on.
All mankind is afflicted.

You are functions and non-functions:
Need to buy a button-hole-der, buttoner (they do exist!)
Set in motion one more ‘trick’ or sleight of hand;
Leave the left, to write with right
Hold the knife without self-wound.
When standing up to feel heel first,
Be wary when foot’s bare, ground’s wet.

Yet, what you notice even more’s, the gifted
And the giving, all the love around,
The boundless care
When your own hair is falling.
People are so kind,
So hard defined.

As for every passing day.
Creative in its way,
With pandemonium’s pandemic,
You now frolic in the kitchen,
Train and try new, fewer gimmicks,
Mimicry from TV inspiration one’s own new found brick.*

Oh, the things you learn from having been.
Most of all, that you remain.

*British informal, dated a generous, helpful, and reliable person: ‘You are really a brick,’ Gloria said.

The Benefits Of… Having Been, Becoming, Being 6.25.2020 Birth, death & In Between III; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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