Examining “Examining My”

Regarding the poem “Examining My”: The real crux of the poem is that everything is on loan. If one understands and internalises this, one is not in despair when things break, we lose them, or they leave us in one or another way. It’s a poem meant to comfort.

You can say ‘my’ all you want in your everyday speech. But it’s not a concept that should dominate one’s priorities. The possessive simply leads to sadness and disruption.

I’m sure that wise of you agree. Defining yourself as a’one-off, singularity is possibly better, for that is what you are; a sun with a little planetary system going round you. Now that I think of it, if the sun could think, I don’t think it would call the planetary system (which surely came out of it) “Mine”. (see Examining My) 7.4.2020

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