You Cannot Halt The Ageing

You Cannot Halt The Ageing

You cannot halt the process.
I see facelifts, botoxed lips;
Cheeks implanted, dimpled chins;
Women, men . It’s always ‘in’.
Disgruntled humans who believe
That they can win.
We can’t. You can’t.
Can’t stave off Nature’s wants.

Nature forms and Nature builds,
Constructs and kills,
Its force a power by the hour.
We can hardly foretell weather,
Do you think that we can tether ageing?
We cannot.
Dissatisfied, disgruntled, vain:
The passing fancy all in vain.
A temporary satisfaction.
(We won’t mention the mistakes).

It takes a fair amount of will
To just sit still,
Accepting wrinkle, fold,
Acceptance that we all get old.
When surgeon’s knife and silicone come barging in.
A wrinkle ironed, breast enlarged
There will be creases, crumples, furrows,
Followed by those same tomorrows.
Ever and forever after
Falling rafters
Crushing framework skeleton, skin, bone
And poof, we’re old!
The rage and sage advice,
The youthfulness and pot of gold
Beyond repair,
The salty flavour lost its savour
Ageing there,
Its halt never to be on hold.
You Cannot Halt the Ageing 8.11.2020 Circling Round Ageing; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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