Insipid “Like”

When I read something that excites, amuses, grabs hold of me, my first reaction is to connect with or contact its source in appreciation. I say something. It makes me feel fulfilled, it gives the source a sense of something similar, I’m certain.

Insipid “Like*

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
Why be dreary?
“Like” is such a (well, it’s quite
A nice word, but a little flavorless
In certain contexts, certain texts.

Wishy-washy, watery
Meant to cheer, but wearying
When all that can be added
To a work that’s gladdened
Is an airy “Like”.

When one’s worked hard,
Added something to the world of art,
A fiery word would of value.
Often furry “Like” is all the doodah
You endure.

People of the readership,
Take the lead and make an effort.
You are architect
Of all you do.
No Like can be a substitute
For real to-do enthusiasm.

Insipid “Like” 8,13,2020 The Processes; Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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