Yoga Hidden & Unbidden

This is dedicated to people who are not inclined to active training: been sick, are passively inclined or lacking in energy one way or another. It improves and actively affects the concentration, the ability to isolate and activate minutely small body parts.
It is empty mind-fullness, perhaps full minded emptiness in the highest.🧘‍♀️

 Yoga Hidden & Unbidden

She lies in bed.
Unwittingly, she presses head
Against the pillow,
Holding, staying, wholly still;
Neck, then shoulders pressing hard
Until the guard of energy and will says “Shift!”
Then mind and focus shift,
The mind of instinct key and swift.
Pressure finds another joint;
A pressure point, a muscle’s spot
Without a jot of thinking,
With an automatic gentle sinking,
She invents another press,
Not pillow this time but on mattress.
Lifting spine but still supine
She presses gluteus and maximus,
Stays a bit, some one, two minutes,
Then an impulse moves a limb.
Inner elbow, thigh or arm;
Bicep, tricep, calf or knee,
Flexing, pushing, simple moving,
No reasoning but feeling.
Even going round the brain, the eyes, closed lids.
She is surprised at what she spies:
Insight middle of the night,
Fired up, inspired, then tired,
She falls into a worthy sleep:
A final moment
Of accomplishment.

Yoga Hidden & Unbidden 9.12.2020 Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Yoga; Arlene Nover Corwin

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