I sometimes wonder, try to picture
Men like Mr Trump, sitting on the ‘loo’ or ‘john’*
For really, he is one
of us – just human,
Doing what we humans do.
I wonder he’s ever plain unsure,
Plain insecure.
I wonder if he has self-doubt.

Sceptical about ideas that come to mind,
Understanding that the mind can find
The craziest of thoughts to think.
Myself, I waver, do not savour every Corwin blink.

And here we have men of the hour,
Men with power
Postures, faces, hands and fingers
Giving out their unsound signals,
Accusations unconditional, wholesale and total.
Do they never have self-doubt,
When I the lowly writing poet
Try to deepen virtues that I am without?
Analyse and question
Layers, sides unseen?
Look for ways to harmonise the pieces and the one,?
Smooth out the rougher parts
While at the same time being soft at heart,
Broad and kind, well defined
Wise and well-informed in mind?

Self-confidence has bits that disavow self doubt.
To learn to recognise, discern the two
Is good to do,
Of value to
Your future
And by definition,

*loo, john are English slang for toilet.
Self-Doubt 10.2.2020 Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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