Detached & Philosophical

    Detached & Philosophical 

Aware, suddenly ‘inspired’ as it rolls out of my inner conscious and turn into an artful stream-of-consciousness, detached and philosophical.

Self-knowledge is the only thing!
It drives and helps,
Changes, arrange rearranges,
Discovers and uncovers talents, gifts,
Sifts through the wreckages of age,
Not vaulting through the faults
But analysing and dissecting,
Viewing and re-viewing on our own TV –
The one inside the mind
Which knows and sees and never really leaves behind
The changing phases of our times:
Traces of an unripe past;
Knowledge of the self ongoing,
Showing in the ways we act, the choices made
And hopefully a fading ‘way
Of weaknesses.

I watch TV.
I see myself reflected in
The combination virtue/sin
Of action, theme,
The programmed meme.
All a nudging of the needs
That constantly feed wholeness.

Of course self-knowledge also needs
A willingness and fearlessness,
Ego-less and humble.
It’s hard to change, insight or not.
We live each day inside the night
Of pride and blindness, stumbling
Toward a wholeness that we’re searching for,
Perched on cliffs of character
That threaten, at the same time fill
With chance and promise.

Detached & Philosophical 10.15.2020 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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