Doing Justice To Poetry II

    Doing Justice To Poetry II

As a poem, as a statement, poet hopes he does it justice.
Form, word, pulse the chrysalis,
He carries on regardless.
And it makes the effort effortless.

Theme a motor – or it should be.
Other motivation vanity,
And everyone knows the vain is pointless,
Futile, on deepest level worthless.

There are meanings in a poem
That are streets ahead prose,
Those who know this
Have the answer to a secret
Only the selected knows.

There is fun in being humorous, ridiculous, nonsensical
Where beauty takes a back seat.
Where the spirit meets the comical,
Profundity meets trivia. The trivial
A rival to most everything.

Is there aim within the writer?
It’s not fame,
It may be name
But not for stardom’s sake;
The poet often dies obscure,
Yet there’s no cure for putting down
On paper, in computer)
Images that must come out,
Be it speculation, supposition,
Love, hope, disappointment, doubt –
The list goes on…

It is poem that gives it stature.
The adventure and the venture
Into worlds deep in the mind;
The justice in the metrical, the rhythmical,
The thinking through the rhymed
As in this moment.
Doing Justice To Poetry II 10.13.2018/recomposed 10.13.2020 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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