I Do Not Read, I Write

I Do Not Read, I Write

I do not read, I write!
It’s like the principle of jazz:
A theme expanded single-handed
With no benefit in sight.
And with no benefit in sight
I carry on this inborn rite
With pronoun “i” seemingly right.

Not egotistical
But leaning towards the universal,
For we all are “I” behind the eye,
Its goal, the “i” up in the sky,
And what I write mid-day or night
Comes from a seeded, seeding thought
So pressing it demands first place,
Computer space
All but ignoring those who think,
Getting their peace by pen and ink.

Others do what they do do:
Jogging, menu-ing or chewing
It’s the inward pleasured domination
Pushing unavoidably
As recreation, situation notwithstanding.

Thus I write but do not read!
(i lie, but need to boast)
Of course I read the most I can,
Loving the words of child and man)

It’s just that sitting in this sun,
Pen, paper handy, gives one
Stimulation, motivation, means and – fun.

I Do Not Read, I Write 10.18.2020 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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