The Right Attitude

When a poem comes out from head and hand in twenty minutes, one is suspicious, almost sure it will be returned to for revision and correction - often re-creation.      

So far, thirty minutes and adjustments later this head-to-hand is still content.

    The Right Attitude

Sinatra had ‘the world on a string’.*
Some have the world on their shoulders,
Walking ‘round a wounded Atlas.
What attitude
Can turn an Atlas tuned to self essential?
One which takes the stance
That though life’s no dance,
We cannot “change the thing we can’t control”*
But view it holy in its whole,
Defined, refined by character and rectitude
Which spreads its finite wavelengths
Without damage to the soul of strength.

The Right Attitude 10.25.2020 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

*I’ve Got The World On A String Lyrics;Ted Koehler Music; Harold Arlen
**Serenity Prayer; Reinhold Niebhr (often used by Alcoholics Anonymous)

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