The Bad, The Harmful & The Worthless

This is the opposite side of the coin to “Everything We Do” (Facebook or WordPress site)

    The Bad, The Harmful & The Worthless

The nail biting, smoking, drinking,
Mind cliches, the one that bitches –
All the zillion daily habits
Which, like rabid dogs are glitches
Which are setbacks which push back
The forward thrust of progress,
The kind of life meant for the best:
Life happiness!

Repetition may be key
To all achievement.
But like energy’s great powers;
Sources that house forces
Dour, sour on the hour;
Positive & negative;
Latent, inherent, permanent
(Reference: atoms vis á vis the bomb.
Doesn’t that just make you numb?)

Tips and hints: Pointing nose in the direction of,
You guessed it: truth and fact;
Learn to act with light and love,
Convert the covert negative
To merit, benefit and giving;
Good for all and plain overt.

The Bad, The Harmful & The Worthless;10.31.2020 Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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