Behind the “Like”

One of my absurd but solemn poems.

          Behind The “Like”

There is a cop-out* on the Book of Face.
Excusing effort, thought and self’s investment:
The excuse is “Like”!
A word opposed to “Comment”!
Anyone who’s ever used this ploy
To shrink from saying one short ‘woid’**
Should go to jail,
Paying out a Facebook bail
Of twenty words, or two or one!
There’s no stand-in for a Comment –
Something, anything to show the reader,
Show the writer there’s a reader behind leader.

Saying something to the writer shows involvement;
Says, “I care, although I am not there!”
Go on strike! Don’t give “Like”!
Indifferent, uninvolved.
Help the writer to evolve,
Though disapproving, show you’re moved!
Your comment doesn’t have to love the labor.
You’re a neighbor not a rival.
Down with tired Like approval!
Up with Comments that enhance!

Behind The “Like”12.5.2020 Circling Round Experience; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

  • cop-out; avoid, dodge, sidestep
    **poetic license: New Jersey and Brooklyn-ese pronunciation of ‘word’.

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