When I read this to my husband, no, discussed the thank theory, he mentioned a whole list of things I would never think of…sun, nature, family, friends, sky (not in that order) and I realised more than ever, it’s all about priorities and whatever takes first place in your mind and heart.
   I suppose as long as you feel a thanks at all, that is the essential, for so much of life is suffering.


Thanks for the consciousness
Of vitamins
And maintenance
Of health;
Things keeping me alive
At eighty-five.
We will not mention the mistakes
Made out of ignorance
And vanities.
But anyways,
Thanks for the consciousness,
However small,
Of learning concepts:
Words that smell of wrongdoings and weaknesses
That lead to nothing gained
and pain.
Thanks for brain, mind, love,
The mysteries shaped from above
Revealing selves from day to day:
Gifts, middling or developed, held up;
Musicality, culinary, long-time waiting;
Gifts from genes and fate
For which one can’t claim credit.

But with gifts come debit:
Karmic debts that must be paid from insight,
Dis- illusion, self-deceptive strengths and loss
Of will and energy to toss them out,
Swapping every wrong for right.
Thanks for seeing through the scrap, the traps
To late night insights.

Thanks for indispensables at fingertips:
Food, clothes, warmth, which list goes on
An endless on and on:..
The value of philosophy – of having one;
Of having fun, but seeing through it.
Thanks for/to the comfy bed I’m lying on,
The pillowed back support for writing from,
The little knowledge in this bank, this little think tank;
For this writing – Thanks!
And Thanks!
Thanks 3.6.2020/edited 12.8.2020 Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round The Universal; Arlene Nover Corwin

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