You Have Only Yourself

  You Have Only Yourself

You have
Only yourself to work with;
Bathe, clothe, soothe;
Live in and save.
A self you cannot leave, for
There’s no other
Over which you have a power.

It’s you who breathe,
Must learn to love, forgive –
For you deserve it.
Your achievement
One that chiefly comes intuitively –
Fief, belief that comes from faith,*
Its roots in something beyond earth,
From some external source,
Its course also discursive,
Non-intrusive yet conclusive.
You only have yourself
Enwreathed with instinct’s highest drive
To do it with
and for.
You Have Only Yourself 12.17.2020 Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Nover Corwin

fief; a person’s sphere of operation or control.
discursive; proceeding by argument or reasoning rather than by intuition.

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