The Sexual Self

As I appreciate the small inner utterances that make for poetry, some may (I hope) appreciate this amusing little poetic speculation.
Fondly, on the second day of 2021
If there are words you don’t know the meaning of, just write me. I know there are many out there for whom English is not a first language. It’s always good to keep a dictionary handy.

The Sexual Self
Is it in
The eyes, the skin,
The hormones, mind, the veiled nerves,
The attitude or aptitude’s genetic drives?
What is it most that serves
To makes it good, bad;
Person super duper glad?
Do dreams reveal what days congeal,
Conceal with facets still in store
To show you clearly what you are?
Without a doubt
Freud’s ‘outing’ of his insight,
Onslaught on an uptight world,
Was right.
Perhaps not wholly, but more than a bit.
These small verses,
But a dabbler’s analyses,
Came this caffeinated morning
Without warning
Like the magic elf that is our sex’s self.
The mornings lift not deft
But even so,
Its gift.

The Sexual Self 1.2.2021 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Circling Round Exerience; Arlene Nover

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