The Art Of Not Having To Go Anywhere (and stay in shape)

A self-evident pondering! And good poetry, I hope.

The Art Of Not Having To Go Anywhere
(and still stay in shape)

They tell you “Walk!”
Not only ‘walk’ but do it quickly.
What if – just what if you don’t like weather?
Don’t like heat, the snow, the rain,
The ups and downs of the terrain,
The heat, the cold, your getting old?
Do you just fold?
Of course you don’t!
Like all descendants of the ape,
Your nature likes to stay in shape:
Cuddling, huddling, on the phone
Or entirely on your own, all alone.

Just how to tell this, sell this?
There are verbs that say, it all:
Press, squeeze, push, pull,
Bending backwards,
Spine supine or vertical;
Or forwards towards the knees,
On floor or stretching tall – all at ease;
‘Feeling’ with your inmost self,
Upwards to the highest shelf.

Then, of course if your the type
Who likes to spin, once having spun
You find a spot on which to run
In place, blood rushing to your face,
Not feeling forced to race,
Feeling in any case, a slice of peace.

A zillion things to do at home
Or just outside the house
To beat the virus, stay robust,
Which take in staying trim
By looking up, down, all around,
Your vacation not in. town,
But exercising neck and eyes.
An art to truly learn to prize:
The art of not having to go some-anywhere
In particular.
The Art Of Not Having To Go Anywhere 1.5.2021 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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