Thing To Tend To

  Things To Tend To Everyday

The mind, the things you’re blind to.
Moods, the things you’re good at.
Woods: ways out and how to find them.
Just three clues of things to do.

Other details:
Washing, cleansing hands, nails, face,
Private places and their spaces;
Mundane chores: the dishes, plates…
Eating right,
Good sleep at night,
Unless you’re one who needs a nap.
Finding out your idiom:
Music: jazz, hip-hop or rap…
Which maybe just be hum-dee-hum;
Any form that suits the senses –
One which cleanses brain and spirit.
Often things and themes ignored
One really need keep score of
For the benefit of mind and wit.

Things you tend to
Probably extend your days
With all their rhythmic phases melding
Just a bit more mellow and melodious.
Things To Tend To Everyday 1.3.2021 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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