Metaphor Of A Prune

A little abstruse, maybe, but an image worth a read or two thinks Ms Corwin.

Metaphor Of A Prune

Think plum become a prune:
Wrinkled, shrivelled, dried, and yet,
Sweeter than its ever been.
No diluting H2O
To water down this sugar cane.

Think of what’s to come
Or here already; steady now, unsteady then;
Dry and wrinkly out and in,
But wiser, sweeter in the texture;
Worthier the mixture
Than was satin, youthful skin.

Summing up,
It may be cute to be a pup,
But mind and brain more trained when older,
More compliant, more controlled.
Are more concerted than the plum
When late or soon
Become a prune.

Metaphor Of A Prune 1.16.2021 Circling Round Experience; Ageing, Wrinkles;,Time; Arlene Nover Corwin

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