Rhyme, Meter, Punctuation

Rhyme, Meter, Punctuation

Rhyme, meter, punctuation
Help to clarify
The explanation/situation
Sitting in the poet’s eye,
Growing there
To share with unknown others.

Rhyme and meter; punctuation
Put in order the occasion,
Make it easier to question, reason;
To arrive at some conclusion.
An idea kept in seclusion
Is not happy on its own.

We created language
As a telephone.
Rhyme and meter; punctuation
In the the genome.
Verse in form; verse informed:
A condensation of the all,
Dependent on the mind-sized wall.

Rhyme, Meter, Punctuation 1.22.2021 The Processes; Creative, thinking, Meditative II; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin

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