Your Place On This Planet

   Your Place On This Planet

I’ve asked and asked,
And never could come to the question –
Not the right one anyway.
What was it that I wanted to find out?
I think I know,
The answer come about:
What is my place, what am I meant to do
To know about myself, the space I take?
The answer’s slow in coming, So I wait.
It grows and growing, showing bit by bit
Small flashes of perception;
Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, nuzzling in collaboration
Ultimately fitting, sitting with perfection.
I, you, all, can only wait:
Wait and act in wholesome ways.
As Buddha says,
“The middle way is always best.”
It is what makes you last the longest.
What you wished and what you wanted
Turns out to be
A thumping great illusion.
Follow instinct, intuition.
Each will lead to what you’ve needed
All the while.
There’s a You inside of you. The Real you!
There’s a Force outside of you
That leads and kneads this real you.
Follow both.
They lead to Truth – the truths for you:
The truths that are the real you,
The you that you can kneel to,
Feeling they are full of right and rightful.

Your Place On this Planet 1.25.2021 Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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