A Useful Note

 A Useful Note

The eyes – they’re seeing what they see,
Which at the moment is to watch tv.
The hand is tapping out this poem
Which at the moment is more pastime
Than a paying job or métier.
Each part is doing its small bit
While ‘I’, the ‘I’ behind the eye
Is there with brother/sister mind
And steering, cheering on
Each object that it finds
For concentration and attention;
Each function filled with unction
One can but applaud.
As for we and me inside this head,
We can and ought to spread the joy
From using what the body lead to,
(What felt true and what felt best)
Leaving all the rest
To it and to the whole of you.

A Useful Note 1.30.2021 Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin

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