Regarding Miles: What I Liked & Did Not Like

Regarding Miles: What I Liked & Did Not Like

Everyone adored his style.
The muted phase, the absent smile.
The virtuosity,
The devilishly handsome guy.

I loved his “Summertime”, “Sketches of Spain”,
Gil Evans’ name, Miles Davis’ freedom;
Starring in “The Nervous Set”,
(St Louis born), and staying at
The Landesmans whose first born son
Was named Miles Davis Landesman.

I loved his horn, the tone subdued,
Cried on the couch
At whose apartment house
I visited on hearing (once again)
“Sketches of Spain”, “
Porgy & Bess” and all the rest
Which brought me to my knees,
My forehead hot and freezing –
All emotions that exist
When listening to such genius.

The 50’s and the guys he hired,
Guys he fired, those who tired
Women jilted, music stilted:
Such a complex inner world,
Existence hurled at,
Both inspired and expired.

The revolutionary switches,
Those to which Miles Davis turned,
His restless mind adjourning
To a modern times the botches;
Phases I don’t not wish he chose,
Ones never yearned for: pop and blues,
Strange clothes and funk,
Some of it, in my taste, junk.

But on the other hand,
I do admire the man adaptive and
With flexibility; a stretchability we lack,
We, often holding back:
The same old track, as always.

Wealth, health, strength, stealth –
Days of Davis was in parts:
Drugs, music and the hearts
Of those he broke.
Such smudge and sludge is hard to judge.
It was a life of mire and smoke.
Its parts one can but like –
And not.

Regarding Miles 2.5.2021 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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