My Purry, Furry Friend

  My Purry, Furry Friend

My purry, furry friend lies at bed’s end.
Dozy, cozily pressed into every bend of owner’s body.
Not tender actually, agenda elementary,
Relationship is cordial and familial,
Amiable, congenial; mostly cheerful
But for times he earns an earful,
Hours unpredictable;
Claws that have peculiar laws –
Mostly in, but sometimes out
Which suddenly can sprout and spout
Unwelcome knives all sharp and venting,
Rending floods of blood and ranting.…
That aside, they mostly hide,
And Albert Cat (his name is that)
Is quiet, undemanding,
And for Kent and me outstanding
In his feline way;
The finest complement, exemplary
Companion one could wish to have,
Possess, be blessed with.
Albert Cat, our lovely pet!
Not the brightest or the best,
But rusty fur, or dusty fur,
The best for me in all the world.

My Purry, Furry Friend 2.4.2021 Cat Book; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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