Memory: The Reliable & The Unreliable

Memory: The Reliable & The Unreliable

Echos of a past that roll around
And called to mind from deepest ground
Behind the mind…
Ambiguous or accurate –
Can you trust that what you bring to view
Is true?
Age three to eight…early or late?
What how and when do you recall the then?
When does cementing start? ,
How much and what was taking part?
Did you see it because you must?
How much is there, is there to trust?

We know that those who witness
Accidents and tragedies,
Give testimonies contradictory –
Eyes, brown, no, green,
Height, tall, no teeny,
Fat, round, thin, face.
When and what took place – erased.

Often spoken, joke invoked, the anecdote
Snoringly or boringly jacked up:
Do we know that we repeat?
All the time collecting, re-connecting;
Predilections and renditions
Gathering and bathing; simply put, projecting –
Putting self onto the world –
Of change, of never-stops,
Of dreams, of ‘props’
Which being built to fool are worldly tools.

Memories and memorize.
Words that though alike in size,
Words containing wish and prize,
Faculties essential to our mental health,
The endless wealth of whats and whys.

Final question:
Do you, do you not –
Knowing well that times do rot,
Trust in memory and memories,
Knowing that each one is but
Prioritised interpretation, information?
I do not, but live the knots that days present
Giving each minute to a past.

Memory: The Reliable & The Unreliable 2.5.2021 Nature of & In Reality;Arlene Never Corwin

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