The Dim Red Light So Far away

 The Dim Red Light So Far Away

One often wonders what God looks like:
Not a question but a wond’ring
Valid as a thought can be.
For we, mere beings who have hope in something
Not described as thing or non-thing,
But as endless power beyond thinking,
‘Thing-ness so mysterious
Still have within the will to know –
Our senses tell us so.

We want to smell, to see, to hear
The far and near;
We have a visual imagination,
That serves purpose,
Comes from, is,
In fact, the search for truth

And so, from youth to age,
We read the sages, analyse,
Use our eyes – both inner, outer.
All to understand the real, the utter
Real behind the ‘real’.

Mystics, other types who kneel,
Contemplate and meditate –
Of those, some have “beheld’’ a light:
A dim red light
Far from the night
Or universe’s outer sight –
Clear, not near
To those who’ve seen and gleaned from it
Attributes that shine from it.

Idolator or doubter,
Those who call it theatre.
All in search of comforter
May find it someday in the dim red light
So far away from darkened night.

The Dim Red Light so Far Away 2.6.2021 Circling Round Reality; God book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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