Finding Your Style #2 (with little intro)

While not directly having music in mine (although I suspect I did (subtly or indirectly, I don’t remember), I do mean style in the broadest sense. I should think it fits then jazz bill well.

Finding Your Style

There is a You that is;
That’s at the center of all that you do.
It’s formed, changed often
By the wind, the season’s whim;
But once you know and let it,
There’s an inner conflict
that no longer is;
No longer there;
It gives and is a freedom free of care.
Restraints that held you disappeared.
You carry on, the same old you,
Doing what you’re used to doing,
Knowing what you’re born to do
Doing it in, throughout the day –
From deep within your way.
Taking place with every breath
You step into each hour with depth;
The outward inner veil revealed,
You’ve found a style
To make you smile,
For it is only you who sees it,
Knowing you don’t have to freeze it,
It’s just there!
It’s You –
The flexible and true
To carry on mistakes and flaws,
The inner doors
Consistently ajar.
You are!

Finding Your Style 2,11.2021 Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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