It’s Snowing Gently, But A Lot

Whenever I have nothing To write about, but feel that I’m playing hooky if I write nothing – skulking, as it were, I often write about nature. In my bed, surrounded by forest, birds who have established their lives in the insulation under the rooftop and above all windows, I lay there and watched the thick, fine snow floating mindlessly, windlessly down. Voila, a title! Now to find content:

  It’s Snowing Gently, But A Lot

It’s snowing gently
But a lot.
Persistently and softly.
Is that not a metaphor
For …something…
An insistence
Whose importance
I can’t know but sense.

It’s the gentleness that strikes me:
A force that doesn’t force, but is.
An element and facet
And an aspect of behaviour
That could be a saviour
To a person’s happiness
And peace of mind.

The thing or things get done
Looking like fun
But with an impact on all things around.

An almost silent path
With not a sound of wrath,
But just a bath of H20
We’re calling snow,
Knowing that the whole will go in time.

I guess I’ve found my metaphor in rhyme.
It’s snowing,
But while snowing going.
If that’s not an emblem
Of life’s semblance
And a trope
For spirit’s power and hope,
I don’t know what is.

It’s Snowing Gently, But A Lot 2.17.2021 Circling Round NatureII; Nature In & Of Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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