Involved In Self

Involved in Self

No one is more involved in self than
Self, for self is everyman
And every self a constancy,
The constancy ubiquitous.
Once you have a grasp of this
And use it thus,
You know all that there is to know
About this large and growing human race.

Some dispute the truth that is.
Ergo, the key — one of the keys
Is letting go the ego to please
Ego’s needs,
Which ego feeds self-interest,
(Not always the best of interests.)
No one is more concerned with self
Than self – oneself.
If one can land in understanding
By the broadest of acceptances,
One’s earned and learned the keys
To standing inside happiness
Outside of loneliness.

Involved In Self 2.27.2021 Circling Round Experience; Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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