Living In Denial

  Living In Denial

Nights and mornings filled with warnings
Spawned from lesions, scrapes or trauma;
Such as, “Watch your step” a hundred times,
Not good at saying, “Good idea!”!
He simply doesn’t not think of it;
More than that,
He doesn’t recognise his reasoning that gone astray,
A thought way out to Mars, the stars!
You know, way, way, way out too far!
Talk which first seems clear and light,
Bringing out the worst that night.

Though bad at giving compliments
He’s sensitive, intuitive and gentle;
Character which makes
A guileless chat that takes a wrong direction,
Or the heart from guileless situation
And then turns it on its head
With joking where the comic is instead
Attack/defence whose source at root
Is fear, who knows?
One hopes it goes!
He’s really such a splendid fellow.

Living In Denial 3.2.2021 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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