Inner Gifts & Tendencies

    Inner Gifts & Tendencies

We’ve all got ‘em:
Inner gifts and tendencies.
Some are light, some are dark ,
Intelligent and not so smart;
Weaker, stronger,
Showing up or taking longer to appear –
But always there.
What’s the answer?

“Know thyself “, said Sun Zi, Plato, Socrates –
Maxims of philosophers, through history.
Each and every day that goes –
Let it flow.
It will show what you are made of:
Opposites, like distaste, love…

When asked what he had gained in meditating,
Buddha gave the answer, saying:
“I gained nothing, but I lost the fear of failing, losing, dying…
Fears that keep us shying far away
From knowing who and what we are.
So find your star!
There is no other, better answer.

You’ve got gifts that no one has.
Writing, drawing, farming, selling,
Running, cooking, fortune-telling –
All that jazz and razzmatazz!
Find the ones that ease and please:
Those inner gifts and tendencies.
Inner Gifts & Tendencies 3.10.2021 Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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