My Corona Day

   My Corona Day

My corona day’s a Corwin day;
No different than the other days
Because in many ways – most ways
I do the same things, knowing that
Each day’s a part, and only part
Of life’s innumerable phases.

Waking, shaking off the dream-filled slumber,
( I dream a lot. I dream each night)
Put the night back on its shelf,
Collect a self that is my self,
Sit up, propped up, (I may have peed by now)
My Kent awakes coincident.
Slightly bent, he moves to kiss my brow
And asks me what I want to eat.
(Breakfast is my in-bed treat).

Breakfast over,
Albert Cat atop the cover, Arlene Nover
Corwin opens Lap Computer.
(friends deserve big L big C)
Watching morning’s fixed TV,
Spots a pregnant phrase that bites,
Phrase becoming working title,
Thus the day begins with writing.

Hours later, writing entered, worked or printed,
Mail checked, perused or answered,
I advance around my home.
Longtime yogin that I am,
Training on each object near –
Kneeling on my ageing haunches,
Working muscle, joint and tendon
Stretching, watching each intention,
Every move becomes a balm.

Hours are going;
Energy and drive and power
Shifting naturally by the hour,
Within which I’ve laundered, cooked, kneaded flour,
Practiced tunes, learning some new,
Checking voice to keep it fresh,
Checking choices, keys and chord;
Though bone and flesh, I’ve not been bored!
Corona days a part of all
The countless phases of our days.
Refuse to let them faze you!

My Corona Day 3.22.2021 Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin


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