The Passing Over

     The Passing Over

What is more a blessing
Than the passing by and over,
Death’s own angel gracing us;
Be more than passing out of
Chains and subjugation
Into reigning liberation!

Seders, customs and tradition:
Lamb the gamboling, an offering
Of life to save, to feed a need;
More than symbol:
Herbs and matzoh, salted water…
Stories told each generation;
Voided slaughter.

Eight full days of celebration
When a folk becomes a nation.
Pesach did not come to be
A structured practice til fifth century, BC.
Interest, opportunity, all play
Into the hands of history
And how it’s shaped.
Mysteries and questions apt
Will also be –

It’s faith in “I AM THAT I AM!”
That gives us hope and aim

  • and love;
    Optimism, trust:
    All the above.
    Chag Pesch Samech!*

The Passing Over 3.23.2021 Our Culture, Our Times II; Circling round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

  • Have a happy Passover! (roughly speaking)

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