You Can’t Have A War

You Can’t Have A War

You can’t have a war unless you have weapons;
You can’t have those weapons unless you have industries;
Can’t have an industry earning no money –
And money means profit, for who runs an industry
That doesn’t profit?

Profit’s the carrot.
The distance is multi- or many small instances
Building the one upon other, passed over
Or turned a blind eye to.
Oil or real estate, access to labor,
Coasts, mines and power,
Their use and abuse and war as the certainty.
It’s thoroughly sad, this fighting for terra;
A sickening error
Pretending it’s doctrine or canon or righteousness.
Overruled: conscience.

You can’t have a war, you cannot restrain it,
Unless there’s this chain of re-action,
With everyone playing his part.
It’s breaking my heart.
Ain’t it yours?
You Can’t Have A War 10.14.2017 War Book II; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Corwin

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