One Can’t Keep Brooding

 One Can’t Keep Brooding…

One can’t keep brooding over gravity:
The drooping, dropping mushy tushy;* –
Hormone’s programmed mystery
Which summons all and wins.
One’s tired of mirrors,
Made up terrors,
Looking in at thinning skin.
The time spent on the pimpled chin:
Hours that spoil.

Loyal friends disinterested,
Strangers with the least concern;
Who has time to burn
On affectation and facade,
The cavalcade of vanities
That seize the eye?
One can’t protest
What which is useless.

*tushy is the warmly affectionate Yiddish word for ‘bum’’ or ‘bottom’
or ‘rear end\’, none which has the tender expressiveness of ‘tushy’.

I Can’t Keep Brooding 5.8.2008/re-composed 4.4.2021
Circling Round Ageing;Circling Round Woman;Circling Round Nature;Circling Round Vanities;
Arlene Corwin

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