“I never doubt the qualities of God. When I meditate, (which I try to do whenever I’m not speaking) I have these qualities as a kind of mantra each of which I focus on individually, taking them into myself as completely as I can at the time. After all, they are God’s. They are: peace, power, purity, knowledge, love and bliss. Purity was a hard one for me for a long time. But I understand the process better now. As regards it, I’m aware, for example, how many layered it is, and how so much it led up to my, shall we say, fingerlessness, involving, as it does so many different kinds of choices on the way. Just a small example. Nowadays I’ve also begun to take into the whole of my brain ‘light’ – not as a concept but as a kind of literal and visual process.. Although a verbal being, I’ve never had much of a visual talent.”


I never doubt God’s qualities:
Doubt aways there somewhere –
But I suppress it (as one should)
Because it does no good.

A thinking brain invaluable,
It wants the best,
Works while it rests,
Retreats not
When we eat or sleep.
Has multi-synapses of neurons deep;

It, a force, of course,
For every power has a source,
A course,
And cause is force
Of one kind or another.

So I take the bother
To reflect and weigh,
Meditate throughout the day
Ponder, wonder, analyze,
Musing, using inner eyes,
Chat, think, ask,
Use every task
As means to reach
The endgame beach,
Teaching the brain where it should aim.
The qualities I use for that have names:
Power, purity & peace,
Knowledge, love & happiness.
Simply put,
Repress your doubt
And try it out.
It cannot hurt
One little bit.

Ruminating 4.5.2021 Circling Round Reality; To the Child Mystic II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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