Water In Any form

     Water In Any Form

“Water in any form makes me happy”
That’s a quote that made me sappy and slap happy.
Don’t know why.
Might be the rhythm or its prism,
Even symbolism, for
We lie in water in the womb;
The watered sea has been a tomb
For ships and men
Since God knows when.
It is a fundamental.

There is almost not a thing
That can survive, thrive, live
Without fresh water as a base.
As mind races to find uses,
Water chooses the first place.

Maybe Earth’s the only planet filled with life
Because of graphs of sea and ocean,,
Surf and turf vouchsafed by heaven.
We’ve a skin that’s waterproof,
Showerproof and weatherproof;
Lymph which bathes and limp which drains…
Grand! And now, I understand:
Rain,or storm,
H20 in any form
Makes us complete,
Replete with health
And true, authentic, proper wealth.
Bless you water, for
With not much more than what you are,
You’ve blessed existence at its core.

Water In Any Form 4.20.2021 Definitely Didactic II; Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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