Tip Of the Day: Become A Meditator

Tip of the Day: Become A Meditator
( in plain street talk)

A meditator
Can become a better,
Even good creator.
You should try it if you haven’t.
Just a tip,
Not only for the hip;
The brain feels sharper,
Extra bright.
Not just a single night.
Life seems to go your way,
Black turning white,
The hard stuff easy,
At least easier;
Easier to find the self,
Dine alone,
Put those problems on a shelf,
Give self-help.
Like good nutrition or a diet,
It takes time.
So try it!

Give it three good months or so –
Time to feel and time to know.
It’s nothing fancy,
Not a fancy,
Wait and see:
Or in fits and jerks
It works,
Accumulating over years.
Start now, this minute’s very second.
You can reckon
on success.

Tip Of The Day: Become A Meditator 4.20.2021 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover corwin


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